Friday, February 26, 2010

Single-pan chicken, peas, and bacon with pasta

Another one that's not for the dieters out there, as the glistening lipids in the above picture can attest.

I lifted the idea for this one from Jamie Oliver, but then I just did what I wanted to do with it. He's got a recipe in his Food Revolution cookbook that is pasta shells with peas and bacon, if you're interested. The one I describe here has chicken, too.

-Put the pasta of your choice on to boil. I think we used bowtie with this one.
-Melt a couple of tablespoons of butter in a skillet.
-Add in a "lug" (as Jamie would say) of olive oil.
-Meanwhile, cut up about four slices of bacon into small pieces.
-Fry the bacon in those two fats--yes, now we have three fats in there--until it starts turning a nice golden brown color.
-Meanwhile, cut up two raw chicken breasts into small chunks or half-inch slices.
-Add these to the fats and bacon and sizzle to doneness. You can add a little salt at this point, too.

Break out some heavy whipping cream and add about a cup of that, enough to cover the pan, leave the chicken bits poking out a little. If needed, you can add more liquid in the form of chicken broth, but don't make it too thin. This sauce should nice and creamy, like an alfredo, and the cream will thin a little as it heats.

Stir, let it get to a nice simmer with an occasional stir. Then, add in at least a cup of frozen peas--more if you're a big fan of peas. If needed, add in more cream and/or chicken broth to get the sauce to the consistency you like. Do not overdo the chicken broth, or you'll thin the sauce too much. Don't forget, the peas will release some water as they thaw if they're frozen, so wait a bit before adding anything else to see what the sauce is like after the thaw.

Get it again to a simmer with an occasional stir. Salt and pepper to your taste--very little should be needed with all the flavors in this. If you like (and I always like), you can sprinkle Parmesan over the top. Ladle over bowls of warm pasta and serve. In many families, this dish would be kid friendly. It was friendly to two of our three offspring and to us. Just try not to think about the saturated fat content too much.


  1. Sounds super delicious. But absolutely I could never make it. I wish that I could get over my lipid-phobia but there it is. Also, I don't like cream sauce.

    But really and truly - this SOUNDS delicious. I bet it would be mighty tasty w/out the cream sauce- just cooked in chicken broth. Maybe throw in some asparagus and carrots.

  2. sounds good. my family is not a big pea fan so i might try steaming some broccoli and adding that to the recipe instead of peas.

  3. OMG, this sounds fabulous...and EASY!